The use of literature and listening to the film score by Dario Marianelli has inspired the starting point of this creation, drawing on the text from the novel 'Atonement' by Ian McEwan. This section focuses on the text from the confrontation scene.

"There was a crime. But there were also lovers. Lovers and their happy ends have been on my mind all night long". Briony Tallis

"It was only in this last version that my lovers end well, standing side by side on a South London pavement as I walk away. All preceding drafts were pitiless. But now I can no longer think what purpose would be served if, say, I try to persuade my reader, by direct or indirect means, that Robbie Turner died of septicaemia at Brays Dunes on 1 June 1940, or Cecilia was killed in September of the same year by the bomb that destroyed Balham Underground". Briony Tallis

"Who would want to believe that they never met again, never fulfilled their love?" Briony Tallis

Videography by Kiraly Saint Claire

Briony Tallis - Jade Brider
Cecilia Tallis - Daisy West
Robbie Turner - Matt Petty
Paul Marshall - Ashley Bain
Lola Quincey - Amelia O'Hara

Hair and Make-up by Niall Mann